Bengo Province is situated in the southwest of Angola. It has magnificent stretches of Atlantic coast such as Surfers Beach (Praia dos Surfistas), in Cabo Ledo, the best and also the most popular surfing spot in the country.
Kissama National Park, or (Parque Nacional do Quiçama/ Parque Nacional da Quissama), in Bengo Province is the only operating national park in Angola, composed of savannah, grassland and other landscapes. Most of the animals here were reintroduced from other places, after the animal population were practically eliminated after a long civil war (1975-2002 in Angola).
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Population: approximately 350 thousand inhabitants

Other places: Ambriz, Capulo, Catacanha, Bela Vista, Mabubas, Úcua, Muxima, Lucala, Caboledo

Main attractions: Kissama National Park, Cabo Ledo

Nearest Airports: Quatro de Fevereiro International Airport (LAD - Aeroporto Internacional 4 de Fevereiro)

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