Resistencia, Chaco

Argentina/Chaco Province  Traffic, Square

The live webcams will take you to the Province of Chaco (provincia del Chaco), situated in northeast Argentina. It lies in the south part of Gran Chaco geographical region, and area of extensive lowland plains divided by Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay. Chaco province shares borders with Santiago del Estero and Salta to the west, Formosa to the east, Santa Fe to the south, and has an international border with the Department Ñeembucú of Paraguay.
The seat of government is in Resistencia, at the core of a large metropolitan area of approximately 437 thousand people. The city centre is marked by Resistencia's main square, Plaza 25 de Mayo, a beautiful big square and a botanical garden. Another wonderful park is "Parque de la Democracia" on the banks of the Negro River. Along the streets and in parks you will see many sculptures, as Resistencia has held a Biennial International Sculptures Contest since 1988.The other cities and towns in Chaco province are much smaller with much less population than Resistencia. Among them is Presidencia Roque Sáenz Peña, where is located the zoo "Zoológico de Sáenz Peña".
In the Province of Chaco, you will find splendid natural areas and abundant wildlife such as in Chaco National Park covering mostly warm lowlands. It features a rich flora and fauna including predators and yacare caiman on the lakes. The other superb destination is the forested El Impenetrable National Park, the newest natural park of Argentina.

Population: more than 1 million people

Capital: Resistencia

Other major cities: Presidencia Roque Sáenz Peña, Juan José Castelli, Las Breñas, Charata, Quitilipi, Villa Ángela

Main attractions: Resistencia city, General Manuel Belgrano Bridge, El Impenetrable National Park, Reserva Natural Los Chaguares (nature reserve), Chaco National Park

Major Airports: Resistencia International Airport (RES - Aeropuerto Internacional de Resistencia)

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