Holy Resurrection Cathedral, Borisov

Holy Resurrection Cathedral, Borisov

Belarus/Minsk Region  Monument, Church

Waterpark Lebyazhy

Belarus/Minsk Region  Pool

The Minsk Region (Мі́нская во́бласць) is in the central part of Belarus, comprising the country's capital - the beautiful city of Minsk.
This capital, both of the Minsk region and of Belarus, is a cultural hub with numerous significant places to visit and magnificent Stalinist architecture. It is a captivating city with large parks and delightful riverfront areas.
The region has an abundance of natural landscapes including the Narachansky National Park and Zaslavskoye Lake. Ski resorts, health resorts, waterparks and spas are also great attractions for both visitors and locals.

Population: over 1.4 million inhabitants

Capital: Minsk

Other major cities: Barysaw, Salihorsk, Maladzyechna, Myadzyel, Nesvizh Slutsk, Zhodzina, Vileyka, Dzyarzhynsk, Maryina Horka, Zaslawye 

Main attractions: Minsk (Trinity Hill district, Minsk Botanical Garden, Gorky Park, Lošyсki Park, Chelyuskinites Park, Waterpark Lebyazhy, National Library of Belarus, Belarusian National Arts Museum, Belarusian Great Patriotic War Museum), Nesvizh Castle, Skiing complex Logoysk, Silichy ski resort, Stalin Line, Church of Saint Alex (Ivyanets), Nesvizh Palace, Narachansky National Park, Zaslavskoye Lake, Zhdanovichi health resorts,  

Nearest Airports: Minsk National Airport (MSQ - Нацыянальны аэрапорт Мінск)

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