Mogilev Region, also called Mahilyow Voblasts or Mogilyov Oblast, is situated in eastern Belarus. Its administrative centre is at Mogilev (Mahilyow, Mahilioŭ).
This beautiful capital city is best known for its soviet architecture, its plazas such as Lenin Square, and historical landmarks namely the Mahilioŭ Town Hall.
Besides the magnificent cities and towns with history, Mogilev Region has wonderful natural landscapes from lakesides, riverfronts to large delightful parks.

Population: more than 1 million people
Capital: Mogilev
Other major cities: Asipovichy, Babruysk
Main attractions: Mogilev, Babruysk, Bykhaw, Shklow, Mstislaw, Buinichi Field Memorial Complex, Belarusian State Museum of Vernacular Architecture and Ethnic Heritage, Piačerski forest park
Major Airports: Mahilyow Airport (MVQ - Аэрапорт Магілёў)

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