The canton of Herzegovina-Neretva (Hercegovačko-neretvanska županija, Hercegovačko-neretvanski kanton) is an administrative division of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Within the country, it is situated in the central-south part, being the only canton to have a seaside, through the historic municipality of Neum, to the Adriatic Sea. The canton’s territory lies in a valley of Neretva River, which is a major attraction and so are the mountains surrounding Herzegovina-Neretva, such as the Čvrsnica and Prenj mountains, visited for hiking and even hunting. The capital, Mostar, is known for its old bridge, Stari Most, a 16th-century Ottoman bridge, whose reconstruction was completed in 2004. Mainly pilgrims visit Međugorje city, since the declaration of six children of seeing Virgin Mary on a hill in 1981.

Population: around 222 thousand

Capital: Mostar

Other major cities: Čapljina, Konjic, Jablanica, Međugorje

Main attractions: Stari Most, Konjic Bridge, Čvrsnica and Prenj mountains, Jablanica Lake, arch Hajdučka vrata, Apparition Hill, Blagaj tekija (village), Bosnian National Monument, Muslibegovic House

Nearest Airports: Mostar International Airport (OMO - Međunarodni aerodrom Mostar/Међународни аеродром Мостар); Sarajevo International Airport (SJJ -Međunarodni aerodrom Sarajevo/ Међународни аеродром Сарајево)

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