The country of Curaçao (Land Curaçao, Pais Kòrsou) is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, composed of the Caribbean island of Curaçao, about 60 km north of Venezuela, and Klein Curaçao, an uninhabited but visited island. Its population are from different backgrounds so the country is culturally diverse and multilingual - three languages are official: the Papiamento -the island's native Creole, the Dutch and the English; the Spanish is also spoken. Curaçao is a tourist destination with attractions including the warm weather, the sandy beaches, the usually calm sea, the sharp drop-off shelf, which is ideal for scuba diving, and the coral reefs reachable without the need of a boat! Curaçao was named, in 2017, the Top Cruise Destination by Cruise Critic, an important online forum. The capital is Willemstad, a charming historic town with colourful houses and waterways.

Population: around 160 thousand inhabitants

Capital: Willemstad

Other major cities: Tera Cora, Barber, Labadera, Soto

Religion: Roman Catholic (73%)

Climate: Tropical savannah climate, with a dry season from January to September and a wet season from October to December

Main attractions: scuba diving and snorkelling, coral reefs, beaches, Downtown Willemstad, Old Market, Fort Amsterdam, Queen Emma Bridge, Hato Caves, Jewish Cultural Historical Museum, Curaçao Sea Aquarium, Curaçao synagogue, Landhuis Chobolobo - Liqueur Distillery, Dolphin Academy, Curaçao Ostrich and Game Farm, Christoffel National Park

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