The North Jutland Region (Region Nordjylland), also called the North Denmark Region, comprises the northern part of Denmark.
The live webcams will show you around this region with astonishing natural landscapes from forest areas, dunes, and high cliffs to rugged stunning beaches.
In the capital city, Aalborg, you will love to see the lovely waterfront area and cultural quarter, with significant national sites such as the Utzon Centre and the House of Music. The city has a special attraction, the Viking burial site with over 1500 years old and Lindholm Hoje historical Museum.
In Klitmøller, you will experience the best surf in Europe with "Cold Hawaii Surf Camp" to help!
At the northern end of Denmark is Skagen, an incredibly vibrant destination with many cultural attractions, experiences, and unique sea views namely at Grenen, Denmark's northern tip and the meeting point of two seas.

Population: approximately 600 thousand people

Capital: Aalborg

Other major cities: Hjørring, Frederikshavn

Main attractions: Rubjerg Knude, tip of Grenen, Thy National Park, Råbjerg Mile, North Sea Oceanarium, Aalborg

Nearest Airports: Aalborg Airport (AAL - Aalborg Lufthavn)

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