The Region Zealand in Denmark (Region Sjælland) is the southernmost region of the country, in Zealand, Falster, Lolland and other smaller islands. The live webcams will show you interesting sites of this region with areas of the former counties of Roskilde, Storstrøms and West Zealand. The administrative centre is at Sorø, a beautiful city with must-see sites such the Academy Garden by the Sorø Lake, and the historical landmark Abbey Gate. Roskilde is one of the oldest cities in Denmark with numerous attractions including the Viking Ship Museum, and the music and culture museum - Ragnarock. The town of Rødbyhavn, in Lolland, is best known for its busy harbour with ferries services to the German island of Fehmarn.

Population: more than 4.8 million people
Capital: Sorø
Other major cities: Roskilde
Main attractions: Stevns Klint (UNESCO World Heritage Site), Viking Ship Museum, Great Belt Bridge, Roskilde Cathedral, St. 7 Bendt's Church, Roskilde Festival
Major Airports: Roskilde Airport/Copenhagen Airport, Roskilde (RKE - Københavns Lufthavn, Roskilde)

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