Puerto Plata is a northern province of the Dominica Republic, a tourist destination with a delightful Atlantic Ocean coastline. The popularity of this province started in the 90s and it is still growing, with the dreamy beaches such as Cabarete Beach, being the major attractions. The capital, San Felipe de Puerto Plata, usually referred to as just Puerto Plata, is the major city and tourist destination in the province, with resorts by the seaside, golf-courses, and historic landmarks such as Fortaleza San Felipe.  From here, you can also ride up to the 793 meter high mountain of Pico Isabel de Torres, on the only cable car in the Caribbean!

Population: 286.558 thousand 

Capital: Puerto Plata

Other major cities: Sosúa, Imbert, Altamira

Main attractions: Playa Dorada, Costa Dorada, Fortaleza San Felipe, Puerto Plata 27 Charcos, Extreme Mega Adventure, Ocean World Adventure Park, Mount Isabel de Torres, Cable Car Puerto Plata, Puerto Plata downtown, Christo Redentor statue

Nearest Airports: Gregorio Luperón International Airport ( POP - Aeropuerto Internacional Gregorio Luperón

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