Local Time: 10:07
 25th October 2020


This live image is presented by Real Aeroplane Club at Breighton Airfield, in the village of Breighton in East Riding of Yorkshire, England. The webcam feed displays the Runway 10 in the middle of well-maintained grass seen from the Tower at the Real Aeroplane Club.
The Breighton Airfield was a heavy bomber base during the Second World War and a Cold War nuclear missile launch area. Now, the York Flying School and The Real Aeroplane Company occupy a part of the airfield, this last housing historic aircraft that are maintained and restored. Many of the classic and ex-military aircrafts can be seen at air shows and other events.
To discover Breighton Airfield in England, please scroll down to the map.

Map of Breighton Airfield, England