At the border with Norway, Sweden and Russia is Northern European country Finland (Suomen tasavalta). A quarter of the territory is within the Arctic Circle, where the sun does not rise for fifty days during winter, nor set for several consecutive days in summertime. Due to its geographical position, its climate consists of freezing winters, with -30°C, especially between December and March, and warm summers (in July temperatures can reach around 35°C). With only 25% of habitable territory, it is the third most sparsely populated European country. It has only around 5 million inhabitants, who speak Finnish and Swedish as the official languages, and in terms of religion, most Finns are Lutheran Christians.

In the Uusimaa region, in the south of the peninsula, lies Helsinki, Finland’s capital and largest city. Here you can see Suomenlinna, a sea fortress, several museums and the trendy Design District. Other cities to be visited are Espoo, Vantaa, Tampere, Turku, Pori (Satakunta region) and Oulu.

The vast wilderness with an enormous amount of lakes and islands, national parks and ski resorts is a rough diamond that would most certainly give amazing live HD streaming views. A unique and unmissable attraction is the Aurora Borealis, a natural light phenomenon in the sky, also known as Northern Lights, which can be witnessed in Lapland, the country’s largest and northernmost region that many cultures consider to be Santa Claus’ land.

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