Local Time: 19:48
 3rd July 2020


Enjoy this panoramic view over the city of Iisalmi, in Finland. This HD moving cam displays great perspectives in the south part of Iisalmi, and towards one of the lakes that surrounds the city. To explore Iisalmi, in the region of Northern Savonia, in Finland, please find our map by scrolling down the page.

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Pizzeria in Kokshetau

{loadposition insideCam} Learn pizza recipes from Dodo Pizza Restaurant through this live webcam in the city Kokshetau, the capital of Akmola Region, in Kazakhstan. This lovely city encloses a large lake...

03-11-2017 Hits:4954 Kazakhstan/Akmola  

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Cervia Beach

{loadposition insideCam} The live webcam above shows you a delightful wide sandy beach in the town of Cervia, northern Italy. Cervia is a beach resort on the Adriatic Riviera with around...

28-05-2018 Hits:3500 Italy/Emilia-Romagna  

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Dead Dog Saloon Bar

{loadposition insideCam} On this live webcam is the bar section of the Dead Dog Saloon, a seafood restaurant situated in the waterfront of Murrels Inlet in the U.S. state of South...

05-12-2017 Hits:7192 Usa/South Carolina  

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Nový Bor

{loadposition insideCam} In this live streaming of Nový Bor, a town with around 12,000 inhabitants located in the Czech Republic (Liberec Region), you can see the Elementary School, the Church of...

18-07-2017 Hits:2459 Czech Republic/Liberec  

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Jellyfish Aquarium

{loadposition insideCam} Observe and relax with the soft movements of these jellyfish in the water. Jellyfishes are present in the five oceans, from deep to surface waters, being more common in...

31-10-2017 Hits:3739 Usa/California  

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Palacio de Bellas Artes

{loadposition insideCam} The Palace of Fine Arts (Palacio Bellas Artes) in the historic part of Mexico City, Mexico, is the centrepiece of this live webcam image, with Alameda Central park serving...

22-11-2017 Hits:5651 Mexico/Mexico City  

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Bird Key Yacht Club

{loadposition insideCam} This live streaming webcam comes to you from Bird Key Yacht Club, in the beautiful Bird Key island in Sarasota Bay, in the U.S. state of Florida. In the...

11-03-2020 Hits:3753 Usa/Florida  

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