Bremen is a state of Germany, formally the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen (Freie Hansestadt Bremen) and commonly called Land Bremen (State of Bremen). It is situated in the north part of the country surrounded by the larger state of Lower Saxony. The state is made up of two divided enclaves both on the River Weser. These contain the capital city of Bremen in both and the city of Bremerhaven.
The state capital, formally named “the City Municipality of Bremen” (Stadtgemeinde Bremen) is an important cultural and economic centre in northern Germany, and it is significant in science and technology in Europe.
The city of Bremen has a major port on the River Weser, strong Hanseatic traditions and outstanding landmarks namely the Gothic Town Hall, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Bremen, as well as the Bremen Roland, a statue of Roland built in 1404, both in the historical market square. The Böttcherstraße, an exquisite street in the historic centre of Bremen offers a distinctive architecture, a must-see cultural attraction in the city. Bremerhaven, situated about 50 km north of the state capital, is a port city well know for its distinctive waterfront - the Harbour Worlds Bremerhaven, with the impressive German Maritime Museum, and many activities on offer.

Population: approximately 700 thousand inhabitants

Capital: Bremen

Other places: Bremerhaven

Main attractions: Bremen Old Town (Altstadt), Bremen's town hall, Roland Statue, St. Peter's Cathedral (St. Petri Dom), Overseas Museum, Town Musicians of Bremen Statue, Theatre am Goetheplatz, Böttcherstraße (street), Harbour Worlds Bremerhaven, German Maritime Museum

Nearest Airports: Bremen Airport (BRE - Flughafen Bremen)

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