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If you are a tourist promotional bureau, a national monument, a great city, a hotel or resort, or a business in a great location why not install a Webcamtaxi live webcam? We all know “location, location, location”, so if you really have a great location or view, the best way of advertising this is through a live webcam.
We are one of the top 3 platforms in the world for live streaming webcams and have many millions of visitors a week to our site. Many of our cameras have 5000+ visits a day.
The cost of our newest weather proof PTZ high definition streaming camera is approximately 600 us dollars, 600 euros or 550 £ and can be supplied to most countries.
We have no monthly streaming payments or any other hidden payments, the only other cost involved is the installation at your location, which normally is around 300 us dollars.
The webcam is then streamed live on webcamtaxi.com and a live feed is available to be embedded on your website.
Webcamtaxi also features your company and your location on its site. Most of our partners after installing a live webcam tell us that they see a huge increase in traffic, and 95% of all that traffic on their site now comes through the live cam page.
We are not a camera retailer, therefore we supply the webcams at cost price.
Webcamtaxi’s income is derived from advertising to its millions of daily viewers and features adverts from some of the world’s leading companies including Toyota, Disney, Coca-Cola, BMW, Booking.com, Mercedes, PayPal and many more. These adds do not appear on the host site.
If you already have a live cam, fixed position or PTZ, at your location and are paying streaming charges why not upgrade to our camera and platform and save.

Webcamtaxi advantages:

• One-time payment for camera and installation, no other charges

• PTZ Full HD weather proof webcam streaming 24/7

• Can be viewed on all mobile and desktop devices

• Generates thousands of extra visits to your location and site


Please send us an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
With some details of your country, location, and any other details you think are appropriate