Somogy County (Somogy megye) is situated in southwestern Hungary, on the border with Croatia. The county also shares borders with Lake Balaton to the north and the counties of Fejér to the northeast, Baranya and Tolna to the east and by Zala to the west. The county seat, Kaposvár, is home to well-kept plazas, many examples of Classical and Art Nouveau architecture, and amazing landscapes including around Lake Deseda. In Somogy you will find lakeside towns namely Siófok, a magnificent holiday destination on Lake Balaton. The freshwater lake features delightful beaches and many resort areas along its 197km shores. The north bank is ideal for hiking, and for enjoying natural wonders at Balaton Uplands National Park.

Population: over 310 thousand inhabitants

Capital: Kaposvár 

Other major cities: Marcali, Barcs, Nagyatád

Main attractions: Siofok Water Tower, Lake Balaton, Balaton Uplands National Park, Zamárdi Adventure Park, Bella Stables and Animal Park Siófok, Kaposvár city centre, Rippl-Rónai Villa, Kaposvár Memorial House (Kaposvár)

Major Airports: Hévíz–Balaton Airport (SOB - Sármelléki nemzetközi repülőtér)

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