The province of Southeast Sulawesi (Sulawesi Tenggara) in Indonesia is situated on the southeastern part of the island of Sulawesi, known as the 'Orchid Shaped Island’. The province includes many islands including Buton, Kabaena, Muna and Wawonii. Kendari, the province capital, is the tourist centre of Southeast Sulawesi, set along Kendari Bay. The city offers unique handicrafts, beautiful parks, beaches and dive spots. Nearby you will find the famed Moramo waterfall. Other major cities in the province include Bau-bau, on the Buton Island, among delightful landscapes and a starting point to stunning islets offshore. Southeast Sulawesi offers you the magnificent Wakatobi National Park, a marine national park, which includes dive sites for rays and sperm whales, coral and a rich marine life. Other attraction in the province is the Tamborasi River, with 20 metres in length, considered the shortest river in the world.

Population: about 2.5 million inhabitants

Capital: Kendari

Other major cities: Bau-bau (Buton Island), Raha (Muna Island), Kolaka (Sulawesi)

Main attractions: Wakatobi National Park, Tamborasi River, Gunung Mekongga (mountain), Labengki Island, Bokori Island, Moramo waterfall, Buton Fortress
(Nearest Airports: Haluoleo Airport (KDI - Bandar Udara Haluoleo)