Jamaica is located in the Caribbean Sea, approximately 145 kilometres (90 miles) south of Cuba and 191 kilometres (119 miles) west of Hispaniola. It is made up of the counties of Cornwall in the west, Middlesex in the centre and Surrey in the east.
The country is a popular tourist destination because of its stunning landscapes of exuberant mountains, rainforests, and fine sand beaches.
Jamaica, the birthplace of reggae music, is home to the Bob Marley Museum, which can be found in the nation's capital, Kingston.
Montego Bay is another major city with an award-winning cruise port, paradisiacal beaches, and resorts.
Other activities available here include snorkelling and diving at coral reefs, as well as golf.
These Jamaica live webcams will take you on a tour of the scenic island in the West Indies, an ideal destination for nature and water lovers.

Population: 2.9 million people

Capital: Kingston

Other major cities: Portmore, Spanish Town, Montego Bay

Religion: Christianity

Climate: Tropical

Popular attractions: Blue Lagoon, Blue Mountain Peak, Bob Marley Museum, Doctor's Cave Beach, Dunn's River Falls

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