Niigata Prefecture is an administrative division of Japan situated in the region of Chubu, on the island of Honshu. Niigata Prefecture has a long coastline along the Sea of Japan and around 25% of the land area is composed of Natural Parks. The capital of the same name, Niigata, is a harbour city cut by the Shinano River. The prefecture has several cities, offering natural hot springs (onsen) and numerous attractions. The city of Tokamachi is known for its snow festival and Yuzawa for its spas and ski resort. The prefecture is famous for its koshihikari rice, one of the best grades in Japan, and also for Sake, a Japanese rice wine.

Population: over 2.2 million inhabitants

Capital: Niigata

Other major cities: Murakami, Shibata, Nagaoka, Kashiwazaki, Sanjo, Yuzawa, Jōetsu, Itoigawa, Myōkō, Sado (Sado Island)

Main attractions: Yahiko Shrine, Hakusan Shrine, Takada Castle, Sado Mine, Niigata City Aquarium, Naeba Ski Resort, Kokuei Echigokyuryo Park, Bandai Bridge, Sato Yuzawa plateau Alpes, Hakusan Park, Oze National Park, Ponshukan Niigata Station, Old Saito Residence, Imayotsukasa Sake Brewery

Nearest Airports: Niigata Airport (KIJ - 新潟空港)

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