Okayama Prefecture lies in the southern part of Honshu Island, Japan. Its neighbouring provinces are Hyōgo Prefecture to the east, Hiroshima to the west and Tottori to the north, and it is bathed by the Seto Inland Sea in the south.
The live webcams set in Okayama Prefecture will show you some of the notable sites in this region, best known for its wonderful rural landscapes, castles and remarkable museums.
The capital city of the same name, Okayama, is proud of its Kōraku-en Garden built in 1700 on the north bank of the Asahi River. It is one of the Three Great Gardens of Japan. Near the famous garden stands Okayama Castle, and you may like to visit the Teshima Art Museum, a unique building consisting of a concrete shell structure composed of freeform curves in harmony with the surroundings.
On the Kibi Plain, you may explore its beautiful large fields, temples and farmhouses by bicycle on a scenic trail.
Not far from the Okayama city is Kurashiki, featuring beautiful preserved canal areas and former rice storehouses converted into modern establishments and museums such as the Ohara Museum.
In the mountainous interior lies the town Takahash, beautifully overlooked from Bitchu-Matsuyama Castle on a mountaintop. This is the only castle that survived the post-feudal age completely. In Takahash, you will see a preserved old town occupied by many samurai and merchant residences dating back to the Edo period. 
In Okayama Prefecture Nature Conservation Centre, you will enjoy stunning landscapes including wetlands, and protected wildlife such as cranes, and plants including fringed orchid flowers. In the locality Wake you will sightsee this reserve with Fuji Park or have exciting outdoor recreation.
The small island Inujima in the Seto Inland Sea is known for its several art galleries. At Mount Washu, in Kurashiki you have excellent views of the Seto Inland Sea dotted with numerous small islands, as well as of the Great Seto Bridge.

Population: more than 1,9 million people

Capital: Okayama

Other major cities: Kurashiki, Tsuyama, Sōja

Main attractions: Kōraku-en Garden, Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter, Okayama Castle, Bitchū Matsuyama Castle, Kibitsu Shrine, Kibi Plain

Major Airports: Okayama Airport (岡山空港 - OKJ)

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