The Arab country of Jordan, formally the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (المملكة الأردنية الهاشمية‎) is situated in Western Asia, sharing borders with Syria to the north, Iraq to the northeast, Saudi Arabia to the south, Palestine and Israel to the west. Jordan is just east of the Jordan River and the Dead Sea, and to the south, the country has a small shoreline along the Red Sea.
Jordan is a tourist destination mainly for its significant and numerous archaeological sites. A top attraction in Jordan is the historical city of Petra, one of the most famous archaeological places in the world. The country, as a part of the Holy Land, has a few destinations of Christian pilgrimage namely the Mount Nebo (associated to Moses), and the Al-Maghtas on the Jordan River, which is considered the site of the Baptism of Jesus. There are also significant Islamic sites including shrines of the prophet Muhammad's companions.
In Jordan’s capital Amman, you will find the Amman Citadel whose area dates back to the Bronze Age. Among the attractions here are the remains of the Temple of Hercules and the Jordan Archaeological Museum.
Jordan is also visited for the therapeutic benefits of the Dead Sea as well as the Ma'in Hot Springs, a series of thermal waterfalls and hot springs. Famous natural areas in Jordan include the Wadi Rum, a red-rock desert, which became known after featuring in the film Lawrence of Arabia. For a hike, there is the Jordan Trail with 650 km in length, passing through numerous towns and villages.

Population: over 10 million inhabitants

Capital: Amman

Other Major Cities: Irbid, Az-Zarqā, Russeifa, Al Quwaysimah

Climate: Mediterranean climate in the west, highlands and mountains, and arid desert in the east and south

Popular places to visit: Petra (historical and archaeological city), Amman Citadel, Jerash, Al-Maghtas, Mount Nebo, Umm ar-Rasas (known for its Byzantine church mosaics), Machaerus (historical palace), Dead Sea coast, Wadi Rum Desert, Islamic shrines

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