Almaty Region (Алматы облысы/Алматинская область) is situated in the southeast part of Kazakhstan, bordering China, and Lake Balkhash is on the north and west borders. The landscapes in Almaty are worth a visit, including Ile-Alatau National Park, Alakol-Sasykkol lakes system and Dzhungar Alatau mountains. The region is famous for its lake parks and ski resorts. Almaty city is the former capital of Kazakhstan and is still its largest city, being the country’s main cultural and commercial centre.

Population: over 1.9 million

Capital: Taldykorgan 

Other major cities: Almaty, Kapshagai, Talgar, Dzharkent/ Zharkent, Esik 

Main attractions: Big Almaty Lake, First President Park, Ile-Alatau Park, Almaty’s Zenkov cathedral, Charyn canyon and the Valley of Castles, Kapchagai Lake, Kapchagay Reservoir, Khan Tengri, Tamgaly petroglyph site, Medeu: outdoor speed skating and bandy rink, The Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan, The ‘Zharkent Mosque’ Architectural and Art Museum

Major airports: Taldykorgan Airport (TDK - Аэропорт Талдыкорган)

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