Kostanay Region (Qostanai' oblysy, Қостанайоблысы, قوستانايوبلىسى) is an administrative division of Kazakhstan. This region, borders Russia to north and four other Kazakh regions: North Kazakhstan (northeast), Aktobe (southwest), Karaganda (south) and Akmola (southeast). Kostanay region is named after the city of Kostanay, the region’s capital, situated on the north shores of Tobol River. The region’s terrain is mostly agricultural lands and forest covered to the north.

Population: approximately 900 thousand

Capital: Kostanay

Other major cities: Rudniy, Arkalyk, Lisakovsk, Zhetikara

Main attractions: Maral Ishan Mosque, Naurzum National Nature, Victory Park, Embankment of the 25th Anniversary of Independence, Kostanay Clock Tower, Monument to the Conquerors of Virgin Land, Monument to, Kostanay Regional Memorial Museum of Altynsarin, Kostanay Regional Kazakh Drama Theatre, Execution Wall

Major airports: Kostanay Airport (KSN – Қостанайхалықаралықәуежайы)

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