Sigulda District, in Latvia, is situated in the central part of the country, approximately 50 kilometres northeast of Riga, Latvia's capital city.
The district is composed of the town of Sigulda and the parishes of Allaži, More and Sigulda.
Its territory is largely covered by the outstanding nature of Gauja National Park, and it is beautifully set on a river valley. There are hilly landscapes and caves, such as the Gutmanis Cave/ Gūtmaņala Grotto, with inscriptions on its walls from the 17th century; along the banks of Gauja River you will find reddish sandstone. For the amazing scenery of Sigulda, in Vidzeme Region, the town is known as the “Switzerland of Vidzeme”.
Sigulda is a wonderful tourist destination for nature lovers, offering activities such as canoe tours on the river, bungee jumping and hiking. For a spectacular overview of the valley you must catch Sigulda cable car!
Among the landmarks in the town we highlight the reconstructed Turaida Castle, featuring a significant museum park.
From Riga, you take just over an hour to reach the Sigulda Train and Bus Station, set on a pleasing square.

Population: approximately 18 500 inhabitants

Main attractions: Sigulda Castle Complex, Gauja National Park

Nearest Airports: Riga International Airport (RIX - Starptautiskā lidosta "Rīga")

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