The Free and Sovereign State of Sinaloa (Estado libre y soberano de Sinalo) is a state of Mexico, situated in the southwest part of the country. Sinaloa has a long a long coast on the Gulf of California, facing Baja California Sur, and shares borders with the states of Chihuahua and Durango on the east, Nayarit on the south and Sonoro on the south. The east side is at the foot of the Sierra Made Occidental mountain range.
The capital state, Culiacán, features beautiful riverfronts, a 10-hectare botanical garden and a large park, appealing plazas and superb museums.
There are fascinating small cities in the state, namely Cosalá, offering landscapes such as Grutas México, an impressive cave, and landmarks such as the Santa Ursula Temple and the Museum of Mining and History.

Population: more than 3.2 million people

Capital: Culiacán Rosales

Other major cities: Los Mochis, Guasave, Guamúchil, Mazatlán

Main attractions: Mazatlán - beaches, Malecón, Baluarte Bridge, Angela Peralta Theatre, Plaza Machado, Mazatlán Old Town, Isla de la Piedra
San Ignacio - Las Labradas Archaeological site
Los Mochis - Playa El Maviri, Farallon Island, Sinaloa Park and Botanical Garden, The Remembrance Hill Pergola, Regional Museum of El Fuerte Valley
Culiacán - Parque Ernesto Millan Escalante, Sinaloa Science Center, Cathedral of Our Lady of the Rosary, Sanctuary Church of Guadalupe, Botanical Garden of Culiacán, MASIN Sinaloa Art Museum
El Fuerte - Church of Dolores, Miguel Ángel Morales Ibarra Community Museum, Cerro De La Mask archaeological site, Las Chalatas
Cosalá - Cascada Vado Hondo, Santa Ursula Temple, Grutas México, Museum of Mining and History

Major Airports: Bachigualato Federal International Airport (CUL - Aeropuerto Internacional Federal de Bachigualato), General Rafael Buelna International Airport (MZT - Aeropuerto Internacional General Rafael Buelna), Valle del Fuerte Federal International Airport (LMM - Aeropuerto Internacional Federal del Valle del Fuerte)

The coastal city of Mazatlán is the most popular destination in the state. It offers wonderful beaches along the 21 km-long boardwalk, big-game fishing and a magnificent old town. Mazatlán’s Zona Dorada features many seaside hotels and an animated nightlife. At the 1800’s Angela Peralta Theatre, you may attend the best performances in Mexico.

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