The county of Telemark is situated in southwestern Norway with its administrative centre in the city of Skien. Telemark, considered the birthplace of skiing, offers stunning coastal landscapes as well as part of Hardangervidda National Park within the largest highland plateau in Northern Europe.
A superb heritage site in the county is the waterway of Telemark Canal, often explored on a hike, canoe or kayak excursion.
Among the top tourist destinations in Telemark is the valley town of Rjukan, home to the Norwegian Industrial Workers Museum, which is part of the European Route of Industrial Heritage. Rjukan is also famous for the Rjukan Falls and has great conditions for skiing, hiking and ice climbing. The town of Kragerø as well as Kragerø archipelago, with over 495 islands, are a popular weekend gateway and holiday destination in Norway.

Population: over 171 thousand inhabitants

Capital: Skien

Other major cities: Porsgrunn, Bambie, Notodden, Kragerø

Main attractions: Telemark Canal, Heddal Stave Church, Rjukan Falls, Norwegian Industrial Workers Museum, Jomfruland Island, Gaustatoppen (mountain path), Henrik Ibsen (Skien)

Nearest Airports: Oslo Airport (OSL - Oslo Lufthavn)

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