Local Time: 06:20
 1st October 2020


Enjoy this pleasant live view of Tromsøysundet strait from the city of Tromsø, in northern Norway. The city centre lies in the east part of the island of Tromsøya, with suburbs in the mainland across the Tromsøysundet strait, which can be crossed through the Tromsø Bridge and the Tromsøysund Tunnel, an undersea highway tunnel. Tromsø is a modern city, offering many attractions including the Northern Norway Art Museum and a fabulous arctic aquarium, as well as activities such as whale safaris, dog sledding and kayaking. Tromsø is ideal to see the northern lights, from September to March, and the midnight sun from May 20 to July 22.
To explore Tromsø, in Norway, please scroll down the page to use our map.

Map of Tromsø, Norway