The World Ocean is the Earth’s most important treasure, and vital to human life, shaping our weather and providing most of the oxygen we breathe, yet more than 80 percent of the oceans remain unexplored.
Learning more of the ocean is key to preserve it and thus the whole planet. Discovering new ecosystems will mean a new understanding of the environment and might lead to significant scientific discoveries. In fact, oceanology is more important than most of us realize.
Thanks to technological advancements in the last decades, namely in submarines, robots, autonomous vehicles, underwater drones, cameras and scuba equipment, the deep-ocean research expeditions to unknown areas of the ocean have increased. In the last years, more and more sea regions have been explored, with projects provided by NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research (OER) and the Nautilus Exploration Program of the Ocean Exploration Trust that shares with the world through live telepresence new wonders of the ocean floor.

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