Local Time: 04:41
 17th October 2021


The picturesque live image takes you the town centre of Jimbolia, in western Romania. The centrepiece of the HD cam is the local Roman Catholic Church (Biserica Sfântul Wendelin) dedicated to Saint Wendelin, along with a pleasing churchyard. In the foreground, you have a glimpse of the statue of “Doctor Karl Diel” (1855-1930), considered a pioneer of modern surgery in the town. On the left-hand side of the image there is a statue of Saint Florian, patron of fireman as well as a mark of Jimbolia. This town with approximately 11 thousand residents is within the Romanian Timiș County, near the border with Serbia. To explore Jimbolia, please scroll down the page to use our map.

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Map of Jimbolia, Romania