Sevastopol is a Federal City of Russia (Севасто́поль; Севастополь) located in the southern west part of the Crimean peninsula, on the Black Sea. This Peninsula was annexed from Ukraine by Russia in 2014. Thanks to the city's location, Sevastopol features a major port in the huge Sevastopol Bay, and other smaller harbours such as the Golden Symbol Yacht Harbour offering scenic views and resorts. Stunning landscapes and a rich marine life also characterizes this city on the southern tip of Crimea.

Population: over 400 thousand inhabitants

Main attractions: Sevastopol Bay, Bell of Chersonesos, Count's Jetty, Monument to the Sunken Ships, Diorama Museum, Mykhaylovskaya Batareya museum, Naval museum complex Balaklava, Muzey Chernomorskogo Flota, Diana Groth, Siege of Sevastopol, A barrel of death, Baydarskiy Zapovednik nature reserve, Cape Fiolent, Mys Ayya (hiking area), Pokrovskiy Sobor (church), Svyato-Nikol'skaya Tserkov' (church), Inkerman Cave Monastery 

Nearest Airports: Simferopol International Airport (SIP - Международный аэропорт "Симферополь")

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