Gustavia is the capital and main town of St. Barts (or Saint-Barth in French), having received its name as a tribute to the Swedish King, Gustav III. The town, located on the western part of the island, has a busy, sheltered port and a marina, which combine its past charm and sense of commerce with modern electronics, sailboats and luxury yachts. Along the port, you will find many restaurants and shops, as well as the island’s library and main museum in the Wall House.

Population: 2,300 residents

Main attractions: Wall House, Lighthouse, Fort Gustav, Swedish Clock Tower (Vieux Clocher), Le Ti-Marché

Nearest Airports: Gustaf III Airport (SBH)

Watch the live webcam streaming from Gustavia, a town that was able to maintain its cultural heritage and authenticity, by restoring the facades of some stone and wooden buildings from the Swedish era, and combining them with designer boutiques and jewellery stores.

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