Local Time: 15:27
 25th October 2021


This live bird feeder webcam comes to you from a garden in the suburbs of Pretoria, in South Africa. The Allen Bird HD streaming cam will show you a wide variety of birds and animals such as, the African grey hornbill, Arrow marked babbler, Black-collared Barbet, Burchell´s Coucal, Cape sparrow, Cape starling, Red-winged starling, Grey go-away-bird, Ring-necked dove, Speckled Mousebird, Black-headed weaver, Barn owl, Wahlberg's epauletted fruit bat and more. You may also see the Lesser Bushbaby and the Large-Spotted Genet. Pretoria is the administrative capital of South Africa whose location is on the map down the page.

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Map of Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa