North Chungcheong (충청북도 - Chungcheongbuk-do) is a province in South Korea, also known as Chungbuk. This is the sole landlocked province in the country, within the region of Hoseo region.
Songnisan National Park is a must-see in North Chungcheong. Among the many attractions is the 7th-century Beopjusa temple – it is home to Korean treasures including the Palsangjeon, the last wooden pagoda in South Korea, and a Buddha statue 33 metres high.
In the provincial capital, Cheongju, you may visit the Heungdeok Temple Site - the printing place of Jikji, the oldest existing book printed with movable metal.
The other two cities in North Chungcheong are the beautiful Chungju by the Chungju Lake - the largest lake in the country, and Jecheon, known as the “healing city” for the successful therapies and traditional medicine practised in the city.
Throughout the province you will see stunning mountain landscapes, lakeside resorts and outstanding landmarks!

Population: approximately 1.6 million people

Capital: Cheongju

Other major cities: Chungju, Jecheon

Main attractions: Early Printing Museum, Heungdeok Temple Site, Sangdang Mountain Fortress, Beopjusa temple, Guinsa Temple complex, Mount Songni, Worak Mountain, Chungju Lake, Chungju World Martial Arts Festival, Cheongpung Cultural Heritage Complex, Uirimji Reservoir

Nearest Airports: Cheongju International Airport (CJJ - 청주국제공항)

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