Local Time: 14:32
 26th September 2021


This HD live webcam stream shows you Dongmyo Shrine across the busy Choui-ro Street in Seoul, a metropolis in South Korea.
The Dongmyo Shrine, meaning "Eastern Shrine" completed in 1601, was dedicated to Guan Yu, a Chinese military commander of the 3rd century.

The practice of worshipping Guan Yu in South Korea only started during the Ming dynasty (1368 to 1644) as military officers introduced the practice in the course of the military campaigns against Japan. Koreans were still indifferent towards the shrine until Dongmyo was included in state rituals to Ming worship in the 18th century.
The 9,300-square-metre shrine is enclosed by a stately stone wall. There is a main building with a double-roof, extensive use of bricks on the buildings and pleasant courtyards with mature trees. In the interior there is a wooden statue of Guan Yu. To locate this area in Seoul, please view our map below.

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South Korea Map - Seoul