South Jeolla Province, or Jeollanam-do, is situated in the southernmost of the country of South Korea, in the Korean Peninsula. This province is bathed by the Yellow Sea to the west, and the Sea of Japan (Jeju Strait), to the south and east, covering about 6100km of coastline. The neighbouring provinces are North Jeolla, to the north, and South Gyeongsang, to the northeast.
There are around two thousand islands offshore South Jeolla, with about one third inhabited. The mild climate of this province combined with the great beaches make this region attractive to holiday-makers. Another natural asset of South Jeolla is the abundance of rainfall on its mountainous areas, and thus maintaining the fields flourishing and luxuriant, namely the flora.
The province’s capital, Muan, is a seaside city, known for its mudlands and the famous Hoesan White Lotus Pond, site of the White Lotus Festival, in August.
Among the best tourist destinations here is Yeosu, a city which comprises the Yeosu Peninsula and over 300 hundred islands, with numerous cultural attractions, beaches and beautiful landscapes to show its visitors.

Population: over 1.9 million inhabitants

Capital: Muan 

Other major cities: Gwangyang, Suncheon, Yeosu, Mokpo, Naju

Main attractions: Suncheon Bay National Garden, Boseong Green Tea fields, Metasequoia-lined Road, Soswaewon, Naganeupseong Folk Village, City of Yeosu and its islands (such as Odongdo), Yeosu beaches and the city harbour with a model of Admiral Yi's turtle ship, Hodam Air and Space Center (Muan), County and Town of Gurye

Nearest Airports: Muan International Airport (MWX)

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