Local Time: 07:55
 25th October 2020


This HD live webcam stream shows you an overview of Ocharcoaga, a neighbourhood in the district Otxarkoaga-Txurdinaga of Bilbao, the de facto capital of the Basque Country, in northern Spain.
In the middle of the 20th-century as the industrial city of Bilbao was growing, including its population, it was imperative to build vast housing estates on the periphery. The construction of Otxarkoaga began with new rapid construction techniques such as the "Fiorio" system, and the first residential towers in Bilbao were seen in this area. Since the 90's, it was introduced cultural and sports facilities, gardens, street renovations and other improvements. It is still interesting to see the original structures of Otxarkoaga well maintained, with the mountain landscapes in the background. Have a look at this area in Bilbao, on the map down the page.

Map of Ocharcoaga, Spain