Local Time: 15:33
 28th November 2020


The street live webcam displays a stretch of Avenida de Madrid (outer lanes), and Estrada Porriño-Vigo (inner lanes) - the main street entering Vigo, a city in the Spain's province of Pontevedra. The live stream is facing southeast from Vigo city centre.
Avenida de Madrid is lined with numerous commercial establishments including car dealers and supermarkets, as well as a pleasant park.
Vigo, the most populated city in Galicia, is along the beautiful Vigo Bay, just north of Portugal. It features many attractions such as historic landmarks, museums and sand beaches, offering excellent shopping, dinning and accommodation options.
Webcamtaxi shares with you other live streams from Vigo, as well as the city location on our map - down on this page.

Map Avenida de Madrid, Vigo, Spain