The canton of St. Gallen is situated in northeastern Switzerland. It is also called canton of St Gall (Kanton St. Gallen; canton de Saint-Gall). The administrative division borders the lakes Constance (Bodensee) in the north, the Lake Obersee in the southwest and the Lake Walensee in the southeast. The canton’s landscapes vary from the plains of the Rhine Valley in the east and the mountainous areas of the Alps in the south. There are vast areas of alpine pastures, and endless opportunities for hiking.
The capital city, St. Gallen, is famous for its Abbey Cathedral, features magnificent Baroque-style architecture and impressive interiors. The exquisite medieval Abbey Library is a World Heritage Site with valuable literature and manuscripts dating back to the 8th century.
The canton of St. Gallon is ideal for a relaxing holiday in nature namely in the area named Heidiland between the lake Walen (Walensee) and Sarganserland. It is a destination for hiking and skiing such as in Pizon and Flumserberg as well as for a relaxing time at the health resort Bad Ragaz, famed for its natural spring. In Bad Ragaz, there is a Swiss Triennial Festival of Sculpture, named Bad RagARTz, with an outstanding exhibition of sculptures.
The lakeside village of Weesen with the adjacent Amden provides a pleasing destination with beach and water sports amongst an alpine feeling. From the city of St. Gallen you may take the St. Gallen–Trogen railway, or Trogenerbahn to incredible locations such as Trogen and Speicher.

Population: approximately 505 thousand people

Capital: St. Gallen

Other places: Gossau, Rapperswil, Jona

Main attractions: Abbey Library St. Gallen, St. Gallen Cathedral, St. Gallen Old Town, Textile Museum, Kunstmuseum St. Gallen, Hoher Kasten mountain, Bad Ragaz, Flumserberg ski resort, Pizol mountain, Chäserrugg, Atzmännig leisure area

Nearest Airports: Zurich Airport (ZRH - Flughafen Zürich)

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