North of the Philippines and off the southeastern coast of China lies Taiwan, officially designated as the Republic of China (中華民國), the most populous state that does not belong to the United Nations (over 23 million inhabitants). It also includes the Penghu, Quemoy and Matsu islands, where the Beigan Township and Dongyin island are located. The main religious practice is a combination of Buddhist and Taoist.

Taiwan climate is marine tropical, with hot, humid summers and rainy winter months (November to March) in the northeast part of the island, while the central and southern areas are mostly sunny. The months of May to September correspond to the rainy season (monsoons), with typhoons being common in these last three months. Cloudy skies are a persistent characteristic of the weather in Taiwan, as you will be able to see on the live streaming cameras.

This small island in East Asia has one of the world’s most dynamic economies, with special relevance to the high-tech industry. It features traditional Chinese temples among modern buildings, spectacular mountains, large plains and hot springs resorts. The capital Taipei, in the north, is a modern metropolis, known for its street-food, night markets, as the Shilin market, and shopping districts, like Ximending. Among the modern buildings and 509 metres from the ground raises Taipei 101, a bamboo-shaped skyscraper. A rapid elevator takes you to the observation deck that offers an absolutely amazing view of the city. Two other main attractions are the National Palace Museum and Lungshan Temple of Manka. Kaohsiung, Taichung, Taipei, Taoyuan and Tainan are other populated cities and towns, while Taroko National Park, Sun Moon Lake, Alishan National Scenic Area and Kenting National Park are some beautiful landmarks worth visiting.

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