Local Time: 15:04
 27th September 2021


This live webcam stream displays exceptional panoramic views of Wulai District, set on the banks of the Nanshi River, in New Taipei City, Taiwan.
The moving webcam takes you around the mountain indigenous district, including roads and homes among the green of the hills, as well as Blue Lansheng Bridge and Wulai Suspension Bridge across the river.
Wulai, best known for its hot springs, attracts visitors with abundant nature and aboriginal culture characteristics, as it is the home to the indigenous Atayal people. There are diverse attractions in this district such as a botanical garden, Neidong National Forest Recreation Area and other scenic areas, museums, and hot springs hotels.
Discover this point of view in Wulai District, Taiwan, marked on the map down the page.

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Map of Wulai District, Taiwan