Local Time: 12:08
 27th September 2021


This 4K HD webcam shows you the east coast of Sanxiantai live, a nature preserve and one of the most scenic areas in Taiwan, composed of a long beach, coral reef coasts and offshore islands. This moving cam shows excellent views towards the beach, the azure sea and coastal views as well as the splendid eight cross-sea arch bridge designed to resemble a dragon that crosses over to the largest island. The island (San-hsien-t'ai) has trails which allow visitors to admire the rare vegetation and distinctive geological features such as sea-eroded caves and trenches. Sanxiantai area is a favoured destination to watch the sunrise as it receives the first light in Taiwan.
To view this tourist destination in Taitung County, Taiwan, please scroll down to our map.

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Map of Sanxiantai, Taiwan