Medenine Governorate, an administrative division of Tunisia, covers the south-easternmost coastal area of the country along the Mediterranean Sea.
The capital city, Medenine, is a lively and modern town with preserved centuries-old ghurfas (buildings used for storing grain) contrasting with contemporary architecture.
This governorate includes the island of Djerba with fine sand beaches and desert towns. The major town on Djerba is Houmt Souk, known for the traditional souk or bazaar and the Aghlabid fortress. Matmata is known for its traditional cave houses also called Troglodyte houses. The Guellala Museum, in Guellala, is related to the rich history of Djerba.
The streaming live webcams will show you around this scenic governorate with so much to offer, from important historical and archaeological landmarks, superb shorelines, and potential to major fun and new exciting experiences.

Population: approximately 480 thousand people

Capital: Medenine

Other major towns: Houmt Souk, Zarzis

Main destinations: Djerba Island, Houmt Souk, Medenine, Zarzis

Nearest Airports: Djerba–Zarzis International Airport (DJE - Aéroport international de Djerba-Zarzis; مطار جربة جرجيس الدولي‎)

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