Mersin Province (Mersin ili) lies in the southern part of Turkey, on the Mediterranean coast. Its biggest city and administrative centre is Mersin, which gave the name to the province. It is a metropolis featuring the largest seaport in the country, beautiful waterfronts and magnificent landmarks including Mersin Grand Mosque and the Catholic Church of Mersin.
Just northeast of Mersin is Tarsus, a historic city where you will find significant landmarks such as Roman roads and Cleopatra's Gate. Tarsus is an important Christian pilgrimage destination, as the birthplace of Saint Paul, or Paul the Apostle. Related landmarks include St. Paul’s Well and St. Paul Church.
Among the most famed natural areas in Mersin Province are the natural park "Topaşır Milli Parkı" with magnificent mountain landscapes and Kisecik Canyon, known as "Hidden heaven". To discover more about Mersin Province see our list of live streaming webcams.

Population: over 1,8 million

Capital: Mersin

Other major cities: Tarsus

Popular attractions: Kizkalesi Castle, Mamure Castle, Saint Paul Church, Mersin Marina, Heaven and Hell caves, Muğdat Mosque, ancient site of Soli Pompeiopolis, Silifke town

Nearest Airports: Adana Airport/ Adana Şakirpaşa Airport (ADA - Adana Havalimanı)

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