Local Time: 15:19
 20th January 2020


This live panorama shows you Hàn River and a delightful riverfront area in the city of Da Nang, in central Vietnam.

In the foreground, you see a stretch of the major waterfront street (Bạch Đằng), as well as the pleasant promenade along Hàn River.

On the left-hand side of the live image you have a glimpse of the exquisite Dragon Bridge (Cầu Rồng) and, on the right-hand side, stands the elegant Nguyễn Văn Trỗi–Trần Thị Lý Bridge.

The HD webcam also displays, in the background, a great perspective of Da Nang cityscapes between the river and the East Vietnam Sea.

Besides the sights, this beautiful district of Da Nang offers a variety of accommodation, shopping and dining options!

To explore Da Nang city, in Vietnam, please scroll down the page to use our map.

Map of Hải Châu, Vietnam